"The Knowledge" is one of the London Crash Course lessons. This is the only event that relates to the real-world of cab driving, as many London taxi drivers have to learn the layout of the city (or "the knowledge") in order to get around quickly without the help of a map or sat-nav. The event in Midtown Madness 2 sees the player drive between many of London's famous landmarks, such as Hyde Park and the Tower of London, without the guidance of the arrow, which would normally point to the next checkpoint. The final checkpoint is at Tower Bridge, following a jump similar to the one seen in the London Leap, but in the opposite direction.

There are unused voice clips for other locations, such as Big Ben and Harrods (possibly because they were originally going to make this mission long, but they decided to make it shorter instead). In the early beta versions of the game, a different route was used.

Restored Mod Edit

There is a fan-made mod made by Dummiesboy quite a while back, but it has never been really released. It recreates this Crash Course mission, based on its unused audio files mentioned above. By default, there are only seven locations to visit. This mod brings that total up to 20.
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