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A race in the mod, featuring a Ford Mustang Fastback and a VW New Beetle

The San Francisco Race Mod is a mod that adds 32 new races to San Francisco. In this mod, a new city (named San Francisco Racemod) is added into the game. It's the same city as the default San Francisco, but with the new races. You can download this mod from Midtown Madness Archive.[1] It was released on there in 2001.

The mod also speeds up the traffic vehicles (only in the new city) and even adds vehicles that were never used in the default races to the AI opponents, like the Ford Mustang Cruiser, the Light Tactical Vehicle and the VW New Beetle Dune, but the Freightliner Century, the City Bus, the Double-Decker Bus and the American LaFrance Fire Truck, which are slow vehicles, are not included in this mod as opponents. Races included with the mod are:




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