Classic Madness

Pleasantville, as seen in Classic Madness.

"Pleasantville" is one of two new cities included in HQTM Team's Classic Madness mod, alongside Forsaken Vale.


The town is based on an idealized version of the American Dream and the Americana design movement. The map wasn't complete at its time of release, however there are still some interesting features in the town:

  • A small residential area
  • A small group of shops
  • A raised highway under construction, with many jumps and breakable barriers on top.
  • An airport, with flying light aircraft
  • A drive-in theatre
  • Some hills and countryside areas
  • A frozen lake, surrounding the town
  • A section of train tracks, with a vintage European train on them
  • A motorcycle-sidecar traffic vehicle
  • A war memorial, featuring the motorcycle-sidecar
  • Much more...

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