This article is about the twelfth default Checkpoint race in San Francisco. For the Circuit race included with the San Francisco Race Mod, see Panoz Pressure (San Francisco Race Mod).

Panoz Pressure is the twelfth and true final Checkpoint race in San Francisco. If the races are played in the correct order, getting a place on the podium (Amateur) or winning it (Professional) will unlock the "Big Kitty" paint job for the Audi TT. It is incredibly fast, even faster than the previous race, and heads from the Transamerica Pyramid to the end of Golden Gate Bridge, going across the entire motorway on the way. There isn't any traffic, but that actually makes the race harder, since the opponents are less likely to damage out. The opponents include six Panoz Roadsters (Amateur) or six Panoz GTR-1s (Professional). The weather is night and the time of day is cloudy (Amateur) or foggy (Professional).

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