The Panoz GTR-1 IRT NOS

A NOS vehicle can use NOS (Nitrous) while accelerating, which can be activated by holding the handbrake. This allows the vehicle to reach 300 mph in a few seconds, and a normal vehicle won't be able to reach that speed. However, the vehicle is incredibly difficult to control once it reaches 200 mph. A slight turn will send it into a skid, and a slight jump will send it flying across the city. The highest speed a NOS vehicle can reach is 1,118 mph.

Note that you can give any vehicle a NOS effect with HQTM Team's MM2 Ultimate Tweaker by increasing the power of the rear brakes to negative values.

This is a list of vehicles on Midtown Madness 2 eXtreme that have will already use NOS:

  • Virtual Killer - uploaded by zZenom on November 6th, 2002[1]
  • Fast and Furious Mitsubishi Eclipse NOS - uploaded by zZenom on November 9th, 2002[2]
  • Panoz GTR-1 IRT NOS - uploaded by Team IRT on June 17th, 2008[3]
  • SEAT Leon Turbo NOS - uploaded by HQTM Team on June 26th, 2008[4]
  • Audi TT NOS Boost - uploaded by Mathiew on July 18th, 2008[5]

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