The Monster Truck in MM2

The Monster Truck is an add-on vehicle available with MM2 Revisited V5 and MM1 Revisited V3. This truck was originally supposed to be included with the first Midtown Madness game, but was cut presumably to avoid conflict with Microsoft's MT-based video game series, Monster Truck Madness. It is rumored that this Monster Truck was the vehicle that was included in the original Angel Studios "Truck Demo" game. The files for the Monster Truck are included inside the .ar file for the Midtown Madness Demo, but are removed in the full version of the game.

In the first game, the truck uses an engine sound effect of its own, but in MM2 Revisited V5, the engine sound effects are from Monster Truck Madness 2 instead (despite MTM2 being developed by a different company named Terminal Reality).

Resemblance Edit

The Monster Truck is a fictional vehicle which appears to be based on a customised Dodge Ram. The rear of the truck is also similar to the Ford F350, featuring a blank numberplate and widened fenders. However the Monster Truck is a regular cab instead of a crew cab.

Midtown Madness 2 Revisited V5Edit

"Not exactly fast, but the high durability and size of this truck make it a great vehicle for rough situations." - In Game Description

With high mass and durability, the monster truck is one of the toughest vehicles in the game, surpassing vehicles like the Ford F350 and Light Tactical Vehicle. It also has pretty good launch thanks to it's all wheel drive and extra horsepower. However due to it's low top speed, it can be uncompetetive in later races with long straights and faster vehicles.


  • Top Speed: 98 mph
  • Horsepower: N/A
  • Mass: N/A
  • Durability: High

Available ColorsEdit

  • Yellow
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