Midterm 3 Exam

This is the third Midterm exam in the San Francisco Crash Course. The test starts with a J-turn out of a pier in the bay area (like in About Face), which is followed immediately by a car chase, following a 100% identical car (taken from Straight, With Chaser). After making it to the last checkpoint, you will unlock the Classic Chrome color scheme for the Ford Mustang Fastback.

Unlike London's Midterm 2, the custom paint job for the default car driven in the San Francisco Crash Course is not mentioned, even though the player can still see the notification for it on bottom-right corner of the results screen when he or she has unlocked it.


Advisor: Now that you've learned three skills, I'm gonna have you combine 'em all. A little warning though, the director is here and he doesn't take kindly to mistakes.

Director: Cut, cut. Am I the only one who's done this before? Let's make a movie, people.

Director: Cut! Cut! Are you people trying to make me cry? What do I have to do to get this scene in the can?

Director: Cut, cut, cut. Oh, I'm going back to my trailer.

Director: Cut! Cut! Film does not grow on trees, people. Let's do this again.

Director: Cut, cut. I can't work under these conditions. Somebody, get my agent on the phone.

Director: Cut! Cut! Let's take it from the top, people, and this time, let's get it right.

Director: Cut, cut! Let's take this one from the top, people.

Director: Cut, cut, cut, cut! Work with me, people. Work with me.

Director (when the player wins): Beautiful! Stunt driver, you are my hero.

Director (when the player wins): Brilliant work out there, everyone.

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