Midterm 2 Mission

This is the second Midterm exam in the San Francisco Crash Course. Like in "Bonnie & Collide," you need to destroy a Ford F-350, before escaping a squad of Ford Mustang Cruisers, like in "The Heat Is On." After making it to the checkpoint with no more cops remaining, you will unlock the "Groovy" paint job for the Double-Decker Bus. Unlike "Bonnie & Collide", instead of following the Ford F-350 around the map, it does zig-zags and straight lines across the grass area. Once you have destroyed the Ford F-350, you proceed to the checkpoint and drive as fast as you can all the way down the highway to the last checkpoint at the docks. It is indeed a challenge, but can be easily finished successfully if done right.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the only event in San Francisco that allows you to unlock a custom paint job for an RHD vehicle.
  • All the failing dialogue was reused from the first San Francisco midterm. No such audio files for this specific Midterm were produced.
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