This is the second Midterm exam in the London Crash Course. It re-evaluates your ability to complete Follow That Car!, as both lessons require the player to follow another London Cab to the final checkpoint. Completing this challenge will unlock the "Bathtub Floral" paint job for the London Cab.


Advisor: It's a bit tricky... or not, but I think you can manage. Alright, let's go.

Advisor: Total abject failure. Other than that, you did alright, I suppose...

Advisor: You did absolutely nothing right that time. Congratulations.

Advisor: You didn't do much right that time. You're ready to join the parliament.

Advisor: That will not make your teacher proud. Try again.

Advisor: You don't get no goodies for that performance. Try again.

Advisor: You may need a second job if you drive a cab like that...

Advisor: (when the player wins): You've earned a new paint job for your London Cab.

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