This is the first Midterm exam in the San Francisco Crash Course. The exam evaluates the player's ability to keep to the 50 mph minimum speed limit seen in Turn It Up! and includes a short slalom section under the highway, which uses bridge supports and traffic cars as obstacles (based on Hit Or Miss). After making it to the last checkpoint, you will unlock the Team Angel paint job for the VW New Beetle RSi.

In the early beta versions, there is a Ford Mustang GT parked by the Transamerica Pyramid, but it had nothing to do with any of the objectives in this exam so it was useless. Fortunately, in the final release, the opponent file for it was cut.


Advisor: Remember, the cameras are rolling here. You waste time, you waste money. You waste money, you blow our production schedule and our budget.

Director: CUT! CUT! Am I the only one who's done this before? Let's make a movie, people!

Director: Cut! Cut! Are you people trying to make me cry? What do I have to do to get this scene in the can?

Director: CUT! CUT! I'm going back to my trailer.

Director: CUT! CUT! Film does not grow on trees, people. Let's do that again.

Director: Cut, cut. I can't work under these conditions. Somebody, get my agent on the phone.

Director: CUT! CUT! Let's take it from the top, people, and this time, let's get it RIGHT!

Director: CUT! CUT! Let's take this one from the top again, people.

Director: Cut! Cut! Work with me, people. Work with me.

Advisor (when the player wins): Congratulations, you've just unlocked the custom paint job for the New Beetle RSi.