This is the first Midterm exam in the London Crash Course. It mainly focuses on the skills learned in Cutting Corners, retaining its 40 mph minimum speed limit, which needs to be maintained in order to succeed. The exam takes place throughout Westminster, leading to the final checkpoint over a bridge on the River Thames; this section reenacts the London Leap. Completing the challenge unlocks the "Team MS" paint job for the VW New Beetle RSi.


Advisor: Now, you've mastered three skills. You're ready for the examination to prove that your success at them wasn't all just luck.

Advisor: Right, here's the job: you'll need to combine cornering, the shalom, and the long jump. Make a clean go of it, and you'll earn a little reward.

Advisor: You can't pass three skills driving like that! Try again!

Advisor: Absolute failure.

Advisor: That is not what we refer to as a passing grade.

Advisor: Sorry, no pass or credit on my exam; you failed!

Advisor: Failure... give it another go.

Advisor: That ain't quite good enough. You'll have to try again.

Advisor (when the player wins): You've earned a special new paint job for the New Beetle RSi!

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