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Madness City is a series of cities created from scratch by user Madness Sting. These cities have all received praise for being unique, and they have attracted many downloads. Madness City 2 and Madness City 3 are considered some of the best cities ever made for MM2. However, the series appears to have been abandoned as of June 2009.

Madness City 1Edit

Madness City 1 is the most basic city of the series. It is a large block with roads and buildings, and many objects to mess around with, such as some ramps, a pipe for stunts, skyscrapers that can be driven up and jumped off, and so on. It has the same basic layout as Lost City. It was originally released on December 13, 2002, making it the second oldest city available for download on MM2X behind Lost City. It has over 16,000 downloads.

Madness City 2Edit

Madness City 2 takes a turn, being an urban metropolis on a large island within the sea. It is significantly larger than Madness City 1, and has a lot of buildings that can be driven around or on, and both on-road and off-road roads to drive around on that can change depending on the landscape. There are also many secret areas, including a small hidden island far off one of the coasts of the main island. It was originally released on January 27, 2003. With over 41,000 downloads, it is the third-most downloaded city on MM2X, behind New York City and Madness City 3.

Madness City 3Edit

Madness City 3 is a large island, similar to Madness City 2, but it is larger and now has large roads, big jumps, many new features, good textures, and no major visibility bugs like the cities in the series before it. It was originally released on August 30, 2003. It has over 45,000 downloads, making it the second-most downloaded city on MM2X, behind New York City.

Madness City 4Edit

Madness City 4 is a large urban area with buildings, jumps, and secret areas, being similar to Madness City 3. However, it is unfinished, and it hasn't had any updates since it was released on June 27, 2009, meaning the project is most likely abandoned. Regardless, it is still available for download and has over 15,000 downloads.

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