The Lost City loading screen

Lost City is a fan-made city created by Midtown Madness 2 Vehicle Editor user, CMR_Driver_MFD [1]. The track includes several larger than life features and two Blitz and Circuit races. However, the track uses the same basic layout as the original Madness City.


  • Stunt jumps
  • A large BMX track
  • 180' ramp
  • Height-chart ramp
  • Cars, which can be jumped over at the stunt ramps
  • Skyscraper framework, which can be climbed and jumped off
  • Skyscraper, which can be climbed, but not jumped off
  • House, which can be entered
  • Single-storey parking garage
  • Audi dealership
  • Two gas stations
  • Shop, which can be entered
  • Football Stadium
  • Demolition Derby Stadium
  • Outer ring-road, with off-road section


  • Sight-Seeing Tour
  • Long Jump


  • Around And Around
  • Relay Race