London Eye Revolution is a custom circuit race that is included with the MM2 Revisited V3 mod, based on the famous British ferris wheel that isn't included in London by default due to the fact it didn't exist back in 2000, the game's release year. You can still use this track, even though it can cause game crashes on some weaker computers.

The track is relatively short and has no AI opponents. It follows a path from the London Eye itself, across the River Thames on barges towards the Houses of Parliament, before heading back to the start over London Bridge.

As the race added an extra event to the London Circuit events, it confused the game whenever the statistics page was viewed, causing the profile in use to become corrupt. As a result, the race was removed from V4, although its name remains in the list (and will crash the game if selected. This issue was fixed in the 4.1 patch though).

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