Golden Hour is the third Checkpoint race in San Francisco. It is a drag race (but with the bumpy hills of Presidio), from Golden Gate Park to the end of Golden Gate Bridge. In Professional, there is a lot of traffic (but less than in the previous race), while there is few traffic in Amateur. There is an alternate route, which involves going around the roads surrounding the hills, but it's slower. The opponents include two VW New Beetles, two Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupes, and two Ford F-350s (Amateur) or six Ford Mustang Fastbacks and one Ford F-350 (Professional). Generally, the in both difficulties, the Ford F-350 opponent(s) seem to be ahead at the start of the Golden Gate Bridge (probably due to their great off-road), but the others seem to overtake them after. The time of day is noon, and the weather is clear (Amateur) or cloudy (Professional).

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