The Frequent Flyer lesson

Frequent Flyer is the first lesson in the San Francisco Crash Course. To complete the challenge, you need to drive along the sea-front until you turn right onto the largest pier in the harbor. Here, a car transporter's trailer has been parked to be used as a ramp for the jump. With enough speed, this will take your Ford Mustang Fastback onto the back of a small ferry leaving the harbor, where the final checkpoint is located. Notably, the boat and the ramp seen in this event was not used in cruise mode or any other events, but can be added to Cruise mode when Revisited 4.2 or later is used, or by making a custom .pathset file in MM2 City Toolkit and adding both objects to the city. The first London Crash Course event, London Leap, also involves a simple jump challenge.

In the early beta versions, the route is different as you start on a hilltop, drive through the roadblocks, run down a steep hill, and carefully approach the ramp.