This is the Final Exam of the London Crash Course. Unlike the San Francisco Final Exam, this event sourced its many challenges from many of the earlier lessons. The challenge starts with a J-turn, taken from Give Me A Brake!. This is followed by a chase against another London Cab, as seen in Follow That Car! around Hyde Park, before it stops at a checkpoint. The next task is a fast dash through the city to the Tower of London (without any "fans" to escape from this time), where the barges from River Dancing have been set up and must be crossed. Then, there is a small slalom, derived from The Weaver's Tale (minus any obstacles) towards the Houses of Parliament, before a final jump, similar to the London Leap, except no traffic cars are present. Completing the exam will unlock the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage.

This is the only event that cannot be completed with the London Mod 1 installed, as the new models block the slalom and the run towards the final bridge jump.


Advisor: You're now ready for the final exam!

Advisor: You'll have to use all the knowledge you gained to pass this exam!

Advisor: That performance was not worthy of me own signature on a graduation certificate. Try again.

Advisor: That is not to be considered an adequate performance.

Advisor: No, you failed, but try again, you're almost there.

Advisor: You failed, but I know it's tough; if it were easy, everyone would be a cabbie, wouldn't they?

Advisor: Sorry. No Aston Martin for you. Run along.

Advisor: You did not meet the requirements, mate. That is, you failed.

Advisor: (when the player wins) And let me tell you, you just unlocked the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage! Nice job.

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