Panoz Roadster

A Panoz Roadster in cruise mode.

Cruise mode is the main exploratory mode in Microsoft's Midtown Madness video game series. It allows you to explore any city you would like in-game without racing. You can change each part of the mode, including traffic density, pedestrian density, cop density, weather, and the time of day.

Use this mode as a chance to just cruise the city, following rules. Use it for having fun while driving, crashing into traffic, cops, objects, and for using it for stunts. You can also use this mode just to explore the city to get the feel for the way of the land and shortcuts before you start competing in races. This mode caught the eyes of many gamers with the original Midtown Madness: Chicago Edition (or Midtown Madness 1) when it came out in 1999. Have fun!

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