"So, you've just been fired from your job as a telephone psychic. Too bad you didn't see that one coming! Fortunately, your rich Uncle Donald is willing to help you find a new line of work. He's lined up two options for you..."

- Crash Course Introduction

The Crash Course serves as the campaign mode for Midtown Madness 2. As quoted above, the crash course story follows as the player somehow loses their telephone psychic job; however Donald, the player's wealthy uncle, gives them two options of work: the East End Cab Company School of Driving or the Golden Gate Stunt Driving School.

The Crash Course consists of a variety of challenges that help you gain qualifications to enter work as a London Cabbie or a Hollywood Stunt Driver. The challenge structure requires you to complete three specific tasks to unlock a Midterm Exam. Completing a Midterm will earn you a new paint job for a car, while completing all three unlocks the Final Exam. On completion of that, you will unlock a new car.

In the early beta versions of the game, all the events take place at daytime (noon).

East End Cab Company School of Driving[edit | edit source]

The London Cab

The London Crash Course features challenges to train you as a surreal version of the classic cab driver. Obviously, you have to drive the London Cab to complete tasks ranging from learning The Knowledge, to jumping between barges on the River Thames. Prizes include "Team MS" for the VW New Beetle RSi, "Bathtub Floral" for the London Cab, "Spoon!" for the Mini Cooper Classic (custom paint jobs), and the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage itself.

Golden Gate Stunt Driving School[edit | edit source]

The Ford Mustang Fastback

The San Francisco Crash Course features challenges to train you as a Hollywood stunt driver. You have to use a Ford Mustang Fastback (a Chrysler 300 C when HQTM Team's Classic Madness mod is used) to complete tasks, such as weaving around palm trees, escaping from police cars and destroying a Ford F-350. Prizes include "Team Angel" for the VW New Beetle RSi, "Groovy" for the Double-Decker Bus, "Classic Chrome" for the Ford Mustang Fastback (custom paint jobs), and the Light Tactical Vehicle itself. This is the second and last Crash Course section of all in the game.

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