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City Tour is the fourth Checkpoint race in San Francisco, and the opponents seem to be much faster than in the first three races. You'll start at Presidio, and then head through the city to the Transamerica Pyramid. There are a few different routes for this race. The race can be frustrating, due to the traffic, and uphill and downhill roads (which can easily cause the car to either turn and crash into a wall or flip and land on its roof, which wastes seconds).

Default Settings[edit | edit source]

The opponents include one Ford Mustang GT, two Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupes, Ford Mustang Fastbacks and three 1959 Cadillac Eldorados (Amateur), or two Ford Mustang Fastbacks, two VW New Beetle RSis, two Audi TTs, and two Ford Mustang GTs (Professional). The time of day is noon, and the weather is cloudy (Amateur) or foggy (Professional). When the race starts, there will be two or one cops behind the player in Professional and Amateur mode, respectively; but this time they're being displayed as an two VW New Beetle Dunes (Professional) or a standard one Ford Mustang Fastback and one Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupe (Amateur). Later on, however, you actually get chased by the normal Ford Mustang Cruiser. The time of the day is noon (Amateur) or noon (Professional) and the weather is cloudy (Amateur) or foggy (Professional)

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