A VW New Beetle RSi

Circuit mode is a competitive game mode in Midtown Madness 2.

Circuit races are the most conventional form of racing. Essentially, the goal is to complete several laps of a closed circuit in first place. Notably, traffic vehicles never appear in Circuit races, as the entire track is blocked off with breakable barriers that appear nowhere else in MM2 (with the exception of the London Checkpoint race, Circuit Within).

There are 20 Circuit events in total (by default), with 10 in each default city. Completing five races in London will earn you the VW New Beetle RSi, while you earn a VW New Beetle Dune in San Francisco. Victory in all 10 races, will earn you the "Meow" paint job for the Dune and the "Team Emon" paint job for the RSi, in each city respectively.

Some fan-made cities also include Circuit events, although they rarely offer prizes.

San Francisco[edit | edit source]

London[edit | edit source]

San Francisco Race Mod[edit | edit source]

New York City[edit | edit source]

Chicago[edit | edit source]

Imperial London Racepack[edit | edit source]

Golden Gate Racepack[edit | edit source]

Chicago Golden Edition Racemod[edit | edit source]

Sonoma Raceway[edit | edit source]

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