Beetle Cup is the ninth Checkpoint race included with the San Francisco Race Mod. It starts at Presidio, heads past Chinatown and the Transamerica Pyramid to Embarcadaro, goes through SOMA, and ends up heading back up a road to Presidio, where it finishes. The opponents include four VW New Beetle Dunes and four VW New Beetle RSis (Professional) or eight VW New Beetles (Amateur). When the race starts, there will be two or one cops behind the player in Professional and Amateur mode, respectively; but this time they're being displayed as an Audi TT and Aston Martin DB7 Vantage (Professional) or a standard Ford Mustang GT (Amateur). Later on, however, you actually get chased by the normal Ford Mustang Cruisers. The time of the day is morning (Amateur) or evening (Professional) and the weather is rainy (Amateur) or foggy (Professional).

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