Artful Dodging race

The Artful Dodging lesson in London in MM2.

"Artful Dodging" is a crash course lesson in the London Crash Course. In this lesson, you have to escape a group of "fans," who act like police cars to take down your London Cab. Instead of the normal Ford Mustang Cruisers, a regular Ford Mustang GT, an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage and an Audi TT are used as pursuit vehicles. Players are advised to use their rear-view mirrors by hitting the backspace key. To complete the challenge, you have to reach the final checkpoint, with no remaining pursuers (or no pursuers near you). A similar event, "The Heat Is On," appears in the San Francisco Crash Course, while the "fans" return in London's Midterm 3.

In the early beta versions, a couple pursuit cars are missing, making this lesson easier to finish.

The event along with Round You'll Go that cannot be completed with the Classic Madness installed, as this game will have immediately crashed of Fatal Error due to incorrect traffic models.

A mod for this Crash Course mission and London's Midterm 3 where all the pursuit cars are replaced by Ford Mustang Cruisers has been made by WildlifeFan/CEO100able and uploaded to MediaFire recently and also showcased on his YouTube channel.

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